Eldad Rafaeli, artist, photographer and curator.  Born in Israel, 1964.

Rafaeli’s unique photographs have been widely displayed in many museums and galleries in Israel and worldwide, and are featured in many notable collections including The Israel Museum, Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, amongst others. Throughout the years he has been awarded numerous prizes.

Rafaeli owns a photography and arts studio in the south of Tel Aviv. He is a dedicated father to Romi and Amir, and lives with artist and designer Tal Angel.

 Curator Richard Grosbard wrote: “Eldad Rafaeli’s photographs contain more than the representation we see. Carved by light out of the dark shadows, his images carry a certain charge. It asks us how do we find intimacy in the distances between the photographer and his subject… Rafaeli has constructed a form of the world to communicate his innermost thoughts and feelings about the connections he sees between himself and his subject. The relationship between the light and dark around different areas in the photographs changes them from a two-dimensional place in time to a powerful three-dimensional representation. Rafaeli uses a low-key light in his images, which forces the viewer to focus on the dark details of the photograph. With careful observation we get closer to the photographer’s deeper concerns, that portray the tension of the state we live in. This is a place that has no borders, boundaries, or limits.”

Rafaeli teaches in leading art-schools and universities in Israel. His book and film “The Way to The High Mountain,” published in April 2019, are his recent and most comprehensive works.

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